How To Fix One Front Tooth Behind The Other Without Braces

If possible, avoid braces or cemented devices on teeth. Especially, on kids. Orthodontic braces and Invisalign can limit the forward growth of the upper & lower jaws because 99% of orthodontists use retraction forces and elastic bands, which stunt the proper growth of the face.

What to do when one front tooth is stuck behind the other? If moving one front tooth forward is the only correction desired, then here’s a less invasive way to do it.

  1. Lower teeth: fit removable thin splint.
  2. Nuvola Freedom functional device.
  3. No braces, no clear aligners.

AirwayFirst® case courtesy HK® Dental Group

Treatment architected by Harry Kunelis DDS

Lab: Nuvola® – Freedom functional device.