Dentist Cures Dizziness And Migraines For A Paralyzed Athlete

The story of an athlete, now 53-years old (paralyzed from the waist down for nearly three decades from a rugby sports injury).

Life-with-wheels seemed comfortable until the spring of 2023 when dizziness & migraines entered the picture.

Dizziness when turning the head, dizziness while in bed interrupting sleep.

And daily migraines.

A two-month long crisis with no signs of reversing…

Then a late summer trip to the USA (from Greece) to attend a wedding led to an unexpected discovery.

While attending a family/friend home gathering, dizziness surfaced while sitting on the back patio.

As it turns out, recent visits to a USA chiropractor didn’t result in relief of symptoms (only for a day); but then the symptoms returned worse than before.

It was while sitting in the back yard of a quiet little Chicago area home when the turnaround to recovery began in a subtle, yet profound, way—with a total of four witnesses present:

  1. accupressure on both Right & Left Lung-9 points
  2. Motor Nerve Reflex Testing (MNRT) to uncover a positive P7 test (right arm), which led to placement of a toe spacer in the left foot (not both feet; only the left foot); along with ‘touch-and-test’ (applied kinesiology) to determine which traditional Chinese acupuncture points were unbalanced.
  3. Saline nasal mist spray to help reduce nasal resistance.


  • Dizziness & headaches eliminated.
  • Man flew to Texas for a few days to visit family, dizziness & headaches still gone.
  • While visiting Texas, the airway dentist back in Chicago fabricated a custom dental orthotic and had it ready to fit the client before departing for Greece.

(Posture bite registered following Summus Laser therapy on Right Urinary Bladder-9, Left Small Intestine-18, Left Small Intestine-19 acupuncture points).

Now that the headaches & dizziness crisis is cured, the new goal is to use this same AirwayFirst® blueprint to try & walk again.

Photo courtesy Harry Kunelis DDS

Treatment architected by Harry Kunelis DDS

Posture bite: Harry Kunelis DDS

@ HK® Dental Group, PLLC

Lab: DynaFlex – design by Greg Gruntman

Sleep Lab Manager: Kelley Hellebusch

Special thanks to DynaFlex on a precision custom milling of this orthotic on short notice.

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